Commit eb5162b5 authored by Paul E. Johnson's avatar Paul E. Johnson


parent a712484a
%% Original Templates downloaded from
minimum height=0.6cm,
minimum width=0.6cm,
minimum height=0.6cm,
minimum width=0.6cm,
minimum width=1cm]
%% ">=stealth" sets the arrow head style
%% "semithick" sets the line width (0.6 pt)
% dependent variable
\node[lv, align=center] (y1) at (0, -1) {Political \\[0.2em]{Tolerance}};
% independent variables
\node[av, align=center] (x1) at (-4.85, 2.1) {Generalized \\[0.05em]{Trust}};
\node[av, align=center] (x2) at (-5, 0.8) {Particularized \\[0.05em]{Trust}};
\node[av, align=center] (x3) at (-4.78, -0.25) {Neighbor \\[0.05em]{Interaction}};
\node[ov] (x4) at (-4.25, -1.3) {Age};
\node[ov] (x5) at (-4.5, -2.1) {Income};
\node[ov] (x6) at (-4.4, -2.9) {Rural};
\node[ov] (x7) at (-4.75, -3.7) {Education};
\node[ov, align=center] (x8) at (-4.5, -4.7) {Gender\\[0.05em]{(male)}};
\node[ov, align=center] (x9) at (-4.55, -5.9) {CCP \\[0.05em]{member}};
% latent variables
\node[ov, align=center] (f1) at (3.24, 1.5) {Political \\[0.05em]{dissident}};
\node[ov, align=center] (f2) at (3.53, 0.3) {Premarital \\[0.05em]{cohabitation}};
\node[ov, align=center] (f3) at (3.5, -1) {Homosexual \\[0.05em]{relationship}};
\node[ov, align=center] (f4) at (3.77, -2.3) {Premarital \\[0.05em]{sexual behavior}};
\node[ov, align=center] (f5) at (3.77, -3.6) {Homosexual \\[0.05em]{sexual behavior}};
% paths
\path[->] (y1) edge node[above,scale=0.6, pos=0.6, rotate=38] {0.18} (f1)
(y1) edge node[above,scale=0.6, pos=0.6,rotate=22] {0.67} (f2)
(y1) edge node[above,scale=0.6,pos=0.6, rotate=-2] {0.63} (f3)
(y1) edge node[below,scale=0.6,pos=0.6, rotate=-20] {0.59} (f4)
(y1) edge node[below,scale=0.6, pos=0.45,rotate=-38] {0.40} (f5);
\path[->] (x1) edge node[above, pos=0.4, scale=0.6, rotate=-38] {0.019} (y1)
(x2) edge node[above, pos=0.35,scale=0.6, rotate=-23] {-0.040*} (y1)
(x3) edge node[above, pos=0.35,scale=0.6, rotate=-13] {-0.025**} (y1)
(x4) edge node[above, pos=0.35,scale=0.6, rotate=4] {-0.028***} (y1)
(x5) edge node[below, pos=0.35,scale=0.6, rotate=12] {0.067***} (y1)
(x6) edge node[below, pos=0.35,scale=0.6, rotate=22] {-0.181***} (y1)
(x7) edge node[below, pos=0.4,scale=0.6, rotate=31] {0.078***} (y1)
(x8) edge node[below, pos=0.3,scale=0.6, rotate=40] {0.035} (y1)
(x9) edge node[below, pos=0.35,scale=0.6, rotate=49] {-0.120*} (y1);
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